1. "They give you little bullshit amounts of money in exchange for your working – wages and so forth – and then they steal all that shit back from you in terms of the way they got this other thing set up – his whole credit gimmick society man, consumer credit, buy shit buy shit on credit, he give you a little bit of shit to cool your ass out and then steal all that shit back with shit called interest – the price of money. Motherfuckers in non-producing, non-existent industries ya know motherfuckers who deal with paper. There’s a cat who would stand up and say to you he’s “in mining”, and he sits in an office man on the hundred and ninety ninth floor in some motherfucking building on Wall Street, and he’s “in mining” and he has paper, certificates, which are embroidered and shit you know, stocks, bonds, debentures, obligations, you know, “he’s in mining”, and he’s sitting up in Wall Street and his fingernails ain’t been dirty in his motherfucking life; he went to Phillips Andover or Exeter, he went to Harvard, he went to Yale, he went to the Wharton School of Business, and “he’s in mining”?

    The motherfuckers who deal with intangibles are the motherfuckers who are rewarded in this society. The more abstract and intangible your shit is, come on stocks? What is stock? Stock certificates is evidence of ownership in something that’s real. Ownership. He owns and controls and therefore receives you know the benefit from, that’s what they call profit. He’s fucking with shit in Bolivia, he’s fucking with shit in Chile, he’s Anaconda, he’s United Fruit, he’s “in mining”, he’s in what? He ain’t never in his life produced shit. Investment bankers, stock brokers, insurance man, it’s motherfuckers who don’t do nothing. We see that this whole society man exists and rests upon workers and that this whole motherfucking society controlled by this ruling clique is parasitic, vulturistic, cannibalistic and is sucking and destroying man the lives of motherfucking workers and we have to stop it because it’s evil."
    — Ken Cockerel, a communist activist with the League of Revolutionary Black Workers explains capitalism [video of the speech can be found here]  (via concretesorrow)

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  2. unhaunting:

    you can’t “fix” detroit with yelling WOW SIGNAL BOOST THIS THEYRE AMERICANS. those responsible for the detroit disaster area know exactly who lives there. it didn’t happen yesterday

    detroit is the wasteland of the white colonialist state. of course it’s a fucking human rights emergency, it has been for years. how disgusting is it to appeal to the very nationalism constituting that state for some kind of hope, some kind of rescue. what kind of thought process happens here

    cf prog outlet data end of 00s till probably now, at least when i noticed it more, OMG THE US IS WORSE ON THESE THINGS THAN POOR BROWN COUNTRIES!!1 that’s the marker that americans should aspire to, to be better than the countries their rulers aid in demolishing, and now that there has been a problem for some time, this is how it’s advertised and politically re-marketed. there are some anarchist alt-media types who are making note of “oho republican and democrats are taking each other’s talking points now” which i don’t find cute or clever at all. people are loathe to recognize an existing fascist structure let alone what this means in a broader sense with nationalist messages like this that aren’t making more rounds by accident.

    detroit is the wasteland of the white colonialist state. of course it’s a fucking human rights…

  3. stay-human:

    Police shot dead a teenage boy on Saturday in restive Indian Kashmir during a protest against Israel’s military offensive against Gaza, officials said.

    The youngster’s death marked the first fatality in a string of demonstrations across the Himalayan territory that have been staged against the Israeli military campaign.

    The boy, a ninth-class student, was killed in the village of Khudwani, 60 kilometers (40 miles) south of Srinagar, the main city of the disputed Muslim-majority region of Kashmir.

    "The boy died in (police) firing on anti-Israel protesters who were also angry about injuries suffered by other protesters during earlier demonstrations," a senior police officer told Agence France Presse.

    A police statement called the killing “unfortunate”.

    The Indian police officer said the Kashmri youngster, identified as Suhail Ahmad Lone, was believed to be around 14 or 15.

    Dozens of protesters have been injured in the protests against the Israeli military campaign in Gaza.

    The protests have been occurring on an almost daily basis in the Kashmir valley which has been at the center of a quarter-century revolt against Indian rule.

    The demonstrators, some holding placards with “Save Gaza” written on them, chanted “Down with Israel”, “Down with America” and hurled stones at government forces.

    Indian government forces are seeking to prevent the protests from spreading in the volatile region.

    On Thursday, the Kashmir valley was mostly shut in response to a call by separatist leaders to protest against the Israeli military campaign.

    About a dozen rebel groups have been fighting Indian forces since 1989 for independence or merger of Kashmir with Pakistan, which also claims the territory.

    Israel has long been a key arms supplier to the Indian government.

    Occupier helping occupier.

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  4. standwithpalestine:

    Promises (2001) / Faris Odeh was shot to death by an Israeli soldier on November 9, 2000 during the Second Intifada in Gaza as he crouched down to pick up another stone.

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  5. lehaaz:

    Journalists are censoring themselves when speaking about the injustice carried out by the Zionist settler supremacist and enabled by corporate media. This is what precisely the power empires have, and this is precisely why people should do everything in their power to destroy them from all fronts.


  6. "We’re taught at such an early age to be against the communists, yet most of us don’t have the faintest idea what communism is. Only a fool lets somebody else tell him who his enemy is."
    — Assata Shakur (born July 16, 1947)

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    yup those JEWISH israelis are just like nazis

    Apparently they are, since they’re acting like them and copying their imagery and violent tactics. Quacks like a duck, is a duck.

    revisionist zionism comes straight out of oswald spengler and the volkisch movements and all that, so no surprise.

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  8. "There are at least three ways in which [U.S. foreign] aid to Israel is different from that of any other country. First, since 1982, U.S. aid to Israel has been transferred in one lump sum at the beginning of each fiscal year, which immediately begins to collect interest in U.S. banks. Aid that goes to other countries is disbursed throughout the year in quarterly installments.

    Second, Israel is not required to account for specific purchases. Most countries receive aid for very specific purposes and must account for how it is spent. Israel is allowed to place US aid into its general fund, effectively eliminating any distinctions between types of aid. Therefore, U.S. tax-payers are helping to fund an illegal occupation, the expansion of colonial-settlement projects, and gross human rights violations against the Palestinian civilian population.

    A third difference is the sheer amount of aid the U.S. gives to Israel, unparalleled in the history of U.S. foreign policy. Israel usually receives roughly one third of the entire foreign aid budget, despite the fact that Israel comprises less than .001 of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes. In other words, Israel, a country of approximately 6 million people, is currently receiving more U.S. aid than all of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined when you take out Egypt and Colombia."

  9. nica-nopal:

    Dylan Rodríguez (in an interview with Adrienne Hurley): Let’s think about it this way … if we’re gonna take the analysis and the kind of historical perspective that this conference is trying to challenge folks with, which is to think in the present tense about how these long histories of racial genocide, from racial chattel slavery, to, you know, land conquest, racial colonialism, and then to stretch our understanding, or not really to stretch it, to nuance and complicate our understanding of genocide, so that we’re not just thinking about a massive accumulation of corpses but we’re also talking about massive structures that intend to break people’s spirit, to demoralize people, to degrade people, to make people want to be something other than what they were born into, to despise their bodies, to despise their histories, then we’re talking about genocidal logics, you know, you’re talking about all the different ways that dominant apparatuses, especially the nation-state, on the planet, in this moment of human history, have substantiated all these different kinds of genocidal logics, then pragmatism is way worse than any of that. what pragmatism ends up being, for the left now, i don’t care about what the center or the right are doing, when the left embraces this kind of pragmatism, what i would call it, i would call it genocide management. it’s genocide management, when you are in different ways told that the kind of politics you want to think about are just not practical right now, and the things we need to do are the things that are practical, then what you are doing is you are disciplining the political discourse, so that the most that we can possibly do is to manage casualties.
    now if the demand is something else, maybe even something that we can’t imagine, which is the end of genocide, you know and i don’t know if i can think about it past that, right, but that’s i think at the core, that’s the least we can demand, the least we can demand is the end of genocide, then what we’re talking about is a basic obligation to come up against and challenge this genocide management strategy. you know. and let me say this. i don’t want to be taken as being um, as being overly, i guess, um, sectarian in a sense, right, because i’ll say this, we have to do genocide management all the time, just to minimize casualties. right. i mean this is why we testify peoples trials, this is why we do fund raisers to hire lawyers, this is just something that we do out of necessity … my concern is when we say that the limits of our political imagination stop at genocide management, then we are all dead, we’re either dead or we’re murderers or both.

  10. The general tenor of US statements through the remainder of the war remained one of condemnation of the LTTE, combined with politely worded requests to the Sri Lankan regime: to avoid firing at civilians, to allow international humanitarian access to the trapped civilians, and for a post-war scheme power-sharing involving all Sri Lankan communities (but not the LTTE). This stance served to obscure the glaring truth that, irrespective of the actions or character of the LTTE, the “conflict” was not a battle between two armies to conquer Sri Lanka. It was an entirely one-sided drive by the Sri Lankan regime to annihilate the LTTE and wipe out any organised expression of the Sri Lankan Tamils’ aspirations. This has been amply borne out in the nearly four years since May 2009, after the LTTE has ceased to exist as an organised force.

    "Whose Agenda? US Strategic Interests, India, and Sri Lankan War Crimes"

    It’s hard to find a—for lack of a better word—leftist take on Sri Lanka’s civil war and ongoing persecution of non-dominant ethnic and religious groups; liberal websites like Groundviews provide good analysis on occasion but a lot of articles tend to retreat behind a wishy-washy “the LTTE committed crimes just like the Sri Lankan state” stance that basically posits both as equals, when in fact the militancy of the LTTE grew as a response to an increasingly fascist state, as this article points out.

    I was grateful to read this, grateful to have the truth stated plainly; and one of the crucial things about this article is that it shows how American imperialism works even when it appears inactive. And it does so by linking to how the US maneuvered in Burma: “In short, US policy toward Burma shows us how genuine questions of human rights can be used by the dominant powers, such as the US, as points of pressure against a third world country in order to get it to change its strategic alignment (and open up its economy to boot); once that end is achieved, the human rights situation may even deteriorate, yet will not invite US opprobrium. While we are all familiar with the use of ‘human rights’ as an instrument of US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and so on, Burma provides an example of how the US can secure its objectives without ‘regime change’, but merely through ‘regime realignment’.

    Also points out how the Sri Lankan army received support from imperial and neigbouring powers via arms, ammunition, training, powers that for all intents and purposes appeared to be entirely uninvolved in the Sri Lankan civil war. “All of these powers have blood on their hands.”