1. "Israel is well aware that using sexuality as tool of extortion and entrapment strengthens the fabricated link between non-heteronormative sexualities, practices, and identities and Israeli colonial oppression in the eyes of a broader Palestinian public. Indeed, this pervasive linking of non-normative sexuality and Palestinian collaboration has become a term and identity of its own in the Palestinian imaginary and reality: isqatat [publicly discrediting a person on supposedly moral grounds].

    While it is sometimes true that Israel succeeds in using sexuality as a lever to coerce some Palestinians into becoming collaborators, this is not the primary way in which collaboration is enlisted, nor is it the only option for living a viable queer life in Palestine. This false connection with Israel and collaboration associates queer people with treason, dishonesty, untrustworthiness, and fraudulence, and therefore works to substantiate a very specific kind of homophobic fear within Palestine."
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  3. jenpan:

    One of the nicest things I ever did for myself was quitting publishing, which you can read about here. What I didn’t say in that conversation is that when other people in media found out I was leaving to work as a copywriter at [redacted, but some place you’ve never heard of], they said things like “You know, I’ve never heard of this place. This job won’t be a step up or good for your career.” They were totally right; I’ll never work in publishing again.

    Yet, because I occasionally write, and still have acquaintances in the industry, and (up until yesterday) was on Twitter, I’m frequently still exposed to a lot of the bullshit of New York media. Most of the time I’m able to shrug it off, but once in a while the low-stakes potshots that are basically the mainstay of that whole world turn pretty ugly.

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    Forty eight days ago I turned forty one. Forty days ago I found a lump in my left breast. Thirty seven days ago it began to hurt. Thirty five days ago I was told there was a ninety five percent likelihood it was cancer. Twenty seven days ago I was told that it was at least stage two. Twenty…

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  5. pax-arabica:

    Hey, so remember how Israel always falls over itself reminding us how much it cares about the well-being of the LGBTQ community? How it’s the “only safe haven for queer people in the middle east”? How it benevolently cares for injured Palestinians even though we’re all undeserving savages”?

    Well, in a statement released by IDF intel officers refusing to serve, it was revealed that the IDF and Israeli intelligence in general blackmail sick and queer Palestinians into becoming collaborators and informants.

    This is part of the testimonies of these officers:

    "If you’re homosexual and know someone who knows a wanted person – and we need to know about it – Israel will make your life miserable. If you need emergency medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank or abroad – we searched for you. The state of Israel will allow you to die before we let you leave for treatment without giving information on your wanted cousin. If you interest Unit 8200 as a technological unit, and don’t have anything to do with any hostile activity, you’re an objective."

    This is standard operating procedure. This is nothing out of the ordinary, this is not a special case. This is the logic of Israel, this is the logic of a colonial state, one built on ethnic supremacy, built on genocide.

    At this point, any person saying that the IDF is a moral army, or that Israel cares in the slightest about human rights, then they need to do a 5 second google search, because this information is everywhere.

    To keep repeating this lie means you’re either incredibly ignorant/being misled in an age where information is at your fingertips, or you’re an imperialist bigot.


  6. "

    As seen in the responses to Ferguson, many liberals today excel at aping leftist aesthetics in order to earn trust into a community while simultaneously resurrecting anti-leftist slurs like “outside agitator.” They pulverize words like “intersectionality” into a meaningless oblivion, and turn them into signals that, yes, they have also taken a Sociology 201 class. They “get it.”

    But in reality, these liberals are the enemies of the sort of radical change that these terms of inclusiveness are meant to signify. The language is turned into tools to silence and freeze people out of meaningful discussions about coalition-building and community change and, ultimately, reinforce capitalism’s status quo.

  8. lynnblaze:

    "But even when the contradiction is resolved authentically by a new situation established by the liberated laborers, the former oppressors do not feel liberated. On the contrary, they genuinely consider themselves to be oppressed. Conditioned by the experience of oppressing others, any situation other than their former seems to them like oppression. Formerly,they could eat, dress, wear shoes, be educated, travel, and hear Beethoven; while millions did not not eat, had no clothes or shoes, neither studied nor travelled, much less listen to Beethoven. Any restriction on this way of life, in the name of rights of the community, appears to the former oppressors as a profound violationof their individual rights - although they had no respect for the millions who suffered and died of hunger, pain, sorrow, and despair. For the oppressors, "human beings" refers only to themselves; other people are "things." For the oppressors, there exists only one right: their right to live in peace, over against the right, not always even recognized, but simply conceded, of the oppressed to survival. And they make this concession only because the existence of the oppressed is necessary to their existence. " Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the oppressed

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  9. musaafer:

    What is happening in Ferguson - and the solidarity people from Palestine are expressing - is exactly what Angela Davis has been talking about. The internationalization of these oppressive structures. The prison industrial complex does not exist in a vacuum. Police brutality doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Apartheid doesn’t exist in a vacuum. These oppressive structures are interconnected.

    This is why whenever I’ve seen her speak on the PIC or on feminism and abolition, she’s always connected it to Palestine. Global connections. When she was imprisoned in the 70s, in solitary confinement in an American prison, a Palestinian political prisoner in an Israeli jail sent her a message of solidarity - it was smuggled out of that Israeli cell an into Davis’ cell. Do we not see parallels of that today in those tweets sharing tips on how to deal with police brutality?

    The struggles are distinct. Specific to specific communities. But the structures are interconnected. What does it say for American police to be trained by and often armed by the IDF; what does it say for weapons to be tested on Palestinians and then sold to the rest of the world; what does it say for military and prisons to both be privatized to this extent; what does it say for neoliberal institutions like the IMF and the world bank to be supporting private prisons as replacements of state functions in developing countries? We have to have attention to detail and we have to also be able to look at this in a larger framework.


  10. wretchedoftheearth:

    i see people abuse the framework of structure and agency so much on here. in the most perplexing ways.

    people will use the existence of structural constraints and the inability to work outside of structures and institutions to absolve people of responsibility for their actions…but then go and say that someone’s complicity in a social structure is not really complicity, as they have agency! it makes no sense…

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